About Us

Regent Machine Corporation specializes in delivering stone fabrication equipment, installation, repair, parts, and maintenance supplies for the natural and engineered stone industries. More importantly, we believe that increasing productivity for our customers is paramount. There is a distinct advantage in utilizing the right stone fabrication machinery in your day-to-day operation, backed up by a staff of accessible, competent professionals.

Our Parent: Regent Stone Products
Since its founding in 1992 Regent Stone Products has brought innovation and new technology to the natural stone industry. During the past 16 years the stone industry has experienced tremendous growth, and the challenges associated with this have been numerous. We feel that we’ve been at the forefront of bringing new and improved technologies to the industry, whether it’s for fabrication or restoration. And, we will continue to search for new machinery products that accomplish these tasks and provide value to the user. From large, automated fabrication equipment down to the smallest blade, it is an ongoing effort that we take seriously. The end result is a stone fabrication product line that continues to evolve, with our customers being the beneficiary of our efforts.